My daughter and I have always had a blast taking photos together since the day I picked up a camera – even when we lived overseas and I had a point-and-shoot (the photos may not have been professional, but I will cherish them forever).  She’s growing up way too fast and she amazes me every single day.  From being a high school freshman in AP classes, going out for a sport every trimester, making show choir and singing solos on Hancher Auditorium’s stage, and getting really great grades, to being a super sweet person and surrounding herself with awesome kids.  I thank my lucky stars she is just the way she is.  I’m sad to think she’ll be a senior before I know it.

    She wanted to steal a few of my new dresses, put on some pretty makeup (she is an awesome self-taught makeup artist) and play in the studio!  I’m so glad we did; I’ll definitely be printing a few of these!



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