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When planning my own wedding, I was extremely picky when it came to the look of my photos (DUH).  I wanted every photo and location to look like “us” and as a wedding photographer myself, I needed a spot for our 18 person wedding party (and personal attendant, mom’s, dad’s, etc.) to get ready where we:

  • 1. Didn’t feel cramped and claustrophobic.
  • 2. Where the style of the venue matched my style.
  • 3. (And the most important!) Where the natural light was amazing.

My style isn’t reflected in hotel rooms or church basements, so the choice for me was easy; Little Lights Events in West Branch.  It was easily accessible for the entire wedding party and was a short drive to our ceremony and reception location.  I’ll be honest, the space is so beautiful that I wouldn’t have cared about the driving distance.

Little Lights is STUNNING.  The owner and manager, Erin and Amanda, are seriously two of the nicest women I’ve met. When we showed up, they had the cutest handwritten chalkboard signs congratulating us on our wedding day.  They even had the prettiest set up for us with a pastry tray and sparkly drinks!   I highly recommend searching for unique location options for your wedding day prep and definitely consider Little Lights!!  (Your wedding photographer will thank you!)

These are just a few shots I took with my own camera before my wedding photographer showed up.    We had so much fun – my bridesmaids, personal attendant, and entire wedding team (friends!) ARE THE BEST!!!


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Isabel : 13:01 December 8, 2016 Reply
Omg you too photos at your own wedding?! That's a photographer who loves what she does!!! Beautiful venue!!

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