I was on my way to the Bare Boudoir Retreat and saw this amazing old school auto shop on the road and I immediately knew I had to shoot there.  Then a few hours later I met Andraea.  You know those times when you meet someone and you feel like you’ve known them forever and you want to give them a huge hug?  That was me when I met her.  We went out at 6am and got some amazing shots.  When shooting an outdoor session, I definitely love the shade, and freaked out a little when the whole place was covered in direct sunlight – but I went for it and am in love with the contrast!!

    Andraea’s story is incredible, and is a huge reason I love being a boudoir photographer:
    I won’t lie, when Steph said I should do a boudoir session with her I was shocked. I am this girl who is so shy until you get to know me, and hides behind her glasses, they’re my shield. Haha! What girl doesn’t want to “feel pretty.” I am one of those people who pick myself apart. I know, I know, I shouldn’t but it’s a bad habit I am trying to break. I was abused all of my childhood. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. From the age of 3-14 when I finally stood up for myself. I remind myself that they’re things that happened to me, not who I am! Taking these pictures was almost like a breakthrough for me, a new beginning. This is me now! When I seen the first picture I was shocked that it WAS me! Holy crap! Bombshell! Truly felt amazing & Steph is amazing at what she does, seriously!! I felt so comfortable and relaxed and loved every minute of it! Truly an amazing feeling of excitement! ♥️



    Stephanie Marie Photography – Iowa City Boudoir Photographer


    These are so unique! I love this idea!

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