Who doesn’t love a great proposal story?  HUGE thanks to Casey + Matt Kane with Bright DeSigns for planning and designing this awesome day!  And to How He Asked by The Knot for featuring their adorable story HERE.

    Erin: Adam and I met our senior year of college (2011) at a bar in downtown Iowa City called DC’s. Mutual friends of ours wanted us to meet, so we all planned on going out one night. It was a Friday night and I had just gotten off work. I went straight from work to DC’s, and right when I walked into the bar, our mutual friends ran over to me saying, “We want to introduce you to Adam!” I looked up and saw him walking over to me. I immediately got nervous, but I could tell he was nervous, too. He came up, we shook hands and introduced ourselves. The first thing I noticed was his adorable dimples, huge smile and big brown eyes. When I think back to that night, all I remember is seeing him across the room and how I was drawn to him.Immediately after we met at the bar, I texted my mom that night saying “I just met my future husband.” It was weird but I honestly knew right when I met him. Some people don’t believe in love at first sight.. But that’s just because it’s never happened to them.My favorite quality about Adam is how thoughtful and caring he is. From his family to a patient that he’s known for less than a week [he’s in med school], he treats everyone with the utmost respect and really cares about them. It’s easy to be selfish and do what’s best for yourself. But Adam always considers others in his decisions. He calls his parents every single day and truly loves his family more than anything. I love that about him. On the flip side, he is the goofiest person I know. We are so weird around each other and are always trying to do whatever it takes to make each other laugh. I am more myself around him than anyone else.

    Adam: I first met Erin in the Fall of 2011. My roommate and his then girlfriend (Matt and Casey) went to school with Erin, and for the longest time had been telling me that we needed to meet. One night Matt asked me to go out with him and Casey and said Erin would be there. I had him show me a Facebook picture of her to make sure it was worth my time. We met at DC’s and I could tell we were both nervous and a little shy to meet. I saw how beautiful she was and was immediately attracted to her. I instantly noticed that she looked different from most girls at the bar. She wasn’t all done up looking like a girl hoping to meet a guy. She looked down to earth and naturally pretty. After talking for awhile we hit it off and got along great. I walked her home that night and we exchanged numbers. I knew early on that she was someone that I could spend the rest of my life with. Not only was she absolutely beautiful, but I felt totally comfortable being myself around her. We truly enjoyed each other’s company and constantly made each other laugh. We could talk about anything and shared many values and beliefs. Also, we not only enjoyed one on one time together, but got along with each other’s friends and spent time in groups. Everything felt so perfect from the beginning that I knew she had been hand picked for me. My favorite quality about Erin is that she is a free spirit. She is so creative, motivated and passionate about the things she does and she inspires me every day. I know that she has sacrificed a lot in regards to staying in Iowa City to support me as I finish medical school. I am so thankful for her selflessness and can’t wait to move on to the next chapter so that we can both pursue our dreams, together. Something quirky about Erin that I love is her goofiness. I think it is something that not many people see from her. Nearly every moment we spend together, we spend laughing. We often joke with each other to the point of tears. It brings a smile to my face just typing about it!

    How He Asked:  My proposal preparation began in my head about one year ago. We have always known that we would get married in 2018 after I graduated school, so the proposal was inevitable. However, I knew it was very important to both of us that she be surprised. It was always my dream to propose and be able to surprise her with our family and close friends.

    Since our relationship began, we have remained very close with our family and friends. They have been so supportive and it only made sense for them to be there to celebrate with us. I requested the help from Casey and Matt Kane (Bright Designs by the Kane’s) and they were SO helpful. Casey called around Iowa City to find the perfect location for the proposal.

    She found the rooftop at Film Scene in downtown Iowa City and it was perfect. She also was able to recommend Stephanie Marie Photography to capture the proposal! I rented a limo to pick us up after the proposal with our families aboard. Then I rented out the party room at Moonrakers downtown Iowa City to surprise her with several of our close friends. Everything worked out so great and it was truly a perfect evening!


    Courtney Petrick

    I feel like this is the perfection of of surprise proposals! The photos are so wonderful, and such a keepsake!

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