Creating friendships during the wedding process is my FAV!!!! I high-five your wedding party, cry happy tears when you see each other for the first time, and will probably contribute to all the crazy dance floor moves.  (And I’ve even found a seamstress close to a church to fix a broken wedding dress zipper within 30 minutes of the ceremony starting – so I GOT YOU.)

    What do my couples say is the best part of their day?  The sunset photos! These are the very first pictures of just the two of you as a married couple. The stress of getting ready and making it through the ceremony is over and now it’s time to party! It’s time for you to take a deep breath, snuggle with each other, and let it all sink in. (And BONUS – pretty pictures!!!! *Insert goofy dance moves*)

    Here’s what your wedding photos from me won’t be: overedited. I won’t add a fake sky, make you look orange, or airbrush your skin until it looks like plastic. I care about giving you timeless photos that are crisp and colorful.