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There are a lot of reasons I photograph boudoir – but the biggest reason is to empower women.  My hope is they leave their boudoir session and feel like they can conquer the world.  This session really hit close to home for me – having a baby in my 20’s was so hard…  If there’s any session that made me feel like I’m doing what I was meant to do, it was this definitely the one.

Here’s a review from Katie about her session:

Feeling beautiful after having a baby is something that was a huge struggle for me. Days are hard when you don’t completely love yourself and how you look. Following Stephanie’s boudoir work and seeing all of these beautiful, confident women of all shapes and sizes rock their boudoir sessions I decided that for me, the session was going to be about healing and learning to love my body. It was a huge bonus that my husband would finally get to see me feeling beautiful and sexy.
I was most nervous about posing and getting the desired “look” that you envision in a boudoir session, especially while not wearing much.
When I showed up at Stephanie’s house I felt comfortable and calm. Her house was clean, she had drinks that gave me a little liquid courage (which was much appreciated) and music that kept my mind at ease.
I loved having my hair and makeup done by the team (Cult Beauty by Liv and Lavish) she chose. The girls were both fun and outgoing and gave me the exact look I was going for. I think this element to the experience made it less nerve-wracking and even more fun. When I looked in the mirror after they were done with my hair and makeup I felt beautiful! It gave me more confidence going into the pictures.
I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the whole process was (although, I’m not sure why because Stephanie is always on top of everything and super organized). I didn’t expect to have so much fun!
Stephanie’s studio is amazing. You can tell everything was well thought out – from the concrete floors and the curtains, to the gorgeous bed/bedding and the rugs.
I felt really at-ease and safe during my session with Stephanie. It was not easy for me to think about posing half-naked in front of somebody, but she made it SO easy. I was really happy with her direction and process of going through the session. It was evident that she spent a lot of time learning how to do a successful session and how to make her clients feel great.
After the session I felt liberated (is that too intense of a word?). For the first time since I gave birth 10 months ago, I felt a sense of pride in my body. I’m proud of the pictures that were taken and I am so thankful I found a photographer that is not only great at what she does, but who has a personality that is so easy to let-go in front of.
I would absolutely do another boudoir session based on my experience. I know I will and I’m already looking forward to it!
I will refer all my friends to do a boudoir session with Stephanie. The thing I loved most about my experience was seeing and feeling myself improve throughout it. Of course the beginning of the shoot felt weird because I had never done anything like it, but with the positive reinforcement and direction from Stephanie, by the end of the session I felt so comfortable and I know that next time I do this I will feel even better!
Honestly, I can’t think of anything that I disliked about the experience. It was very well done. From signing up for the session, to arriving at the session, to the end of the session, to picking out what I wanted, it was all seamless and easy! Thank you so much for everything, Stephanie!!!



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