Weddings & Engagements

Weddings are my JAM.  I’m the biggest believer in love and my favorite thing about weddings and engagement sessions is the friendship I form with every bride and groom.  This isn’t a job for me, it’s a way of life; I eat, sleep, and breathe weddings and I care about making your images beautiful.  I high-five the wedding party, cry happy tears when you’re seeing each other for the first time, and laugh at all the crazy dance moves the groom and his best man are making at the reception.  If I’m not photographing a wedding, I’m thinking ahead to the next.  I can tell you what my photos aren’t: they aren’t over-edited. I won’t add a fake sky to your photos, my editing won’t make you look orange, that you have smoother skin than an alien (if they existed, of course), and I surely won’t make your photos so bright you can’t see the details in your wedding dress and flowers.  I can also tell you what my photos are: they are authentic, they make you feel something, and they are always made with my wedding couples in mind.  After all, no two weddings are the same.